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During the last couple weeks, there has been a lot of activity around the California state budget, and the choices Governor Brown, the Senate and the Assembly are making. We wanted to share with you two recent opeds that appeared in the Sacramento Bee. The first is written by Judy Patrick, our CEO, and Chris Hoene, executive director of the California Budget Project. The second is written by Vanessa Aramayo, director of the California Partnership. Both are relevant to this conversation and point out the importance of considering how disinvestments in our state’s women and children lead to an impoverished California.

Viewpoints: State needs to make strategic investments for more women

By Chris Hoene and Judy Patrick
Special to The Bee, May 14, 2013

What does a strong economy look like? We all know the typical measures: low unemployment, robust job growth, higher earnings. These are important indicators. But at a broader level, a strong economy is one that fosters widely shared opportunity and that both draws on and benefits from the talents and potential of all.
Read the rest of the oped here.

Viewpoints: State must act to shed its No. 1 ranking in poverty

By Vanessa Aramayo
Special to the Bee, May 9, 2013

Right now, one out of every four children in California lives in poverty. If grouped together, these 2.2 million children would live in a city larger than San Diego and San Francisco combined. They are far hungrier, undernourished and less secure than the rest of us. Their playtime and daydreams, hallmarks of childhood, are interrupted by basic needs that go unmet every day.

Read the rest of the op-ed here.

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