Hearing on Innovative Revenue Options Featuring Holly Mitchell, Betty Yee and Joseph Bankman - Women's Foundation California


Hearing at the Board of Equalization in Sacramento, June 11, 2012

On June 11, at a citizen’s budget forum, Honorable Holly Mitchell shared her thoughts on the budget and the implications for women and children. Betty Yee, member of the State Board of Equalization and Dr. Joseph Bankman, a tax scholar based at Stanford, proposed eye-opening ways of thinking about tax expenditures and balancing the budget.  And we heard moving testimonies from people about the impact of proposed cuts to childcare and CalWORKS. Please take a look at the video. You can easily find the speakers by following along with the time code listed below.

1:00 – 3:44 Judy Patrick, CEO & President of the Women’s Foundation of California

4:03 – 22:00 Honorable Holly Mitchell

23:59 – 30:00 Magali Sanchez Hall, student at UCLA

31.00 – 52:00 Betty T. Yee – Tax expenditures that are resulting in the loss of several billion dollars for the State of California.

55:30 – 1:06 Professor Joseph Benkman

1:06 – 1:25 Q to and Answers  from Joe Benkman and Betty Yee


1:26 – 1:30 Jennifer Lopez, student at College of Alameda

1:27 – 1:28:32 Bel Galvin, student at College of Alameda

1:28:55 – 1:30:50 – Poppy Elliott, full-time mom from San Jose

1:31:13 – 1:39 Freddy Araujo, grandparent from Oakland

1:34:30 – 1:37 Nancy Macky, family childcare provider in Oakland

1:38:38 – 1:39 – Berenice Araujo, 5 years old

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