Judy Patrick Interviewed on Socially Conscious Investing - Women's Foundation California

On March 12, 2012, Judy Patrick, Director of Public Policy at the Women's Foundation of California, was interviewed on Socially Conscious Investing.

Socially Conscious Investing airs each week on WomensRadio.com. It’s a show dedicated to sharing knowledge about how people are making a difference on this planet. It’s a show with the mission of inspiring others to invest their time, their energy and their ideas and money, but most of all to take action to help the world become a better place. Listeners can learn how others are creating change around the world through social entrepreneurship, socially responsible corporate governance, program development to address global issues including extreme poverty, health and the environment.

In this interview, Judy discusses the shocking findings in the Falling Behind report: Increased unemployment for single mothers, increased poverty for older women, and increased cuts to essential programs for low-income women.

Listen to the radio interview!

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