Announcing: Kiskadee 🐤

I’ve been building my vision for a post-pandemic future grounded in hope, creativity, and resistance through conversations with activists, organizers, and creatives from across the Americas. Those conversations are now available to you as Kiskadee – a freshly-launched podcast hosted by yours truly.

Listen to the first episode of Kiskadee.

Kiskadee is the name of a small, bold bird in my home country of Brazil. Locally known as Bem-Te-Vi, the name translates loosely as “I saw you well” or “I know who you are.” 

The Kiskadee podcast is an eight episode journey of getting to know who we are and who we might become. Released every Tuesday, the podcast focuses on stories from movement builders, cultural activists and artists in the U.S., including Anasa Troutman, Marya Bangee, Crystal Echohawk, Tracy Sturdivant, Favianna Rodriguez, Aria Said and a few more powerhouses. 

Listen now.

Through conversation and connection, Kiskadee shares the perspectives of female-identified folks and LGBTQI communities and narrates the many impacts of COVID-19 throughout the Americas on everything from public health, economics, politics, and the environment.

This podcast has been a labor of love and I’m so excited to share Kiskadee with all of you.

This podcast was supported through the Culture Change Fund.

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