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What is Leading with the Heart?

“Leading with the Heart” is a monthly virtual gathering of women leaders engaged in social justice work. This one-hour session promotes wellness practices embraced by various cultures to encourage healing and support during these challenging times.  When our convening entitled California Women Rising: Partnership, Power, Transformation was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to be responsive to leaders who expressed a need to stay connected. 

“Leading with the Heart” is open to all interested women, girls, transgender, and gender nonconforming people.  Its primary audiences include: The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities residents and staff, the California Women Rising Advisory Committee members, Women’s Policy Institute fellows and alum, and grant partners of the Women’s Foundation of California.

“Leading with the Heart” is convened via Zoom on a third Wednesday of each month at 5 PM, and lasts 1 hour.  Everyone is welcome to join 15 minutes before 5:00 pm for an optional social visit.   These gatherings are offered free of charge.  These are previous “Leading with the Heart” gatherings.

In Case You Missed It

Our first gathering on April 22 featured Chrissie Castro, coach and consultant specializing in community organizing and civic engagement who discussed self-care and centering practices during these difficult times.  We were joined by the power voices of Masumi Hayashi-Smith and Joyous Bey from the Thrive Choir in Oakland.

On May 20, Prajna Paramita Choudhury, L.Ac., a licensed acupuncturist and meditation teacher, presented on Boosting Immune System through mind and body connection.  AJ Kelly, a songwriter and singer from Sacramento Building Healthy Communities opened and closed with inspirational music.

On June 17, Sonya Young Aadam and Natalie Champion from California Black Women’s Health Project discussed the “Living Color of Advocacy” and how to create long term change during times of protest movements.  Lakhiyia Hicks, the founder of HOMEplace, which mobilizes and sustains Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault, shared her poetry. 

We look forward to seeing you at the next “Leading with the Heart!”

Check Out Our Previous Gatherings

July, 15th: The Power of Food and Community

Food is more than nourishment. Food builds community. Chef Minh Phan, owner of Porridge + Puffs, will share her philosophy about food and running a woman-owned restaurant during the pandemic. Minh will also teach us how to make rice porridge and pickles.

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