Listen to Yuri’s Legacy

Yuri Kochiyama was a badass. 

Casual confidant to Malcom X, a gifted community organizer, and tireless advocate for justice,  Yuri saw, spoke, and embodied the power of solidarity in her over 90 years of  life. I had the privilege of sitting down with her granddaughter Akemi Kochiyama to talk about Yuri’s legacy and how we continue to strive for social justice on my podcast, Kiskadee.

This  work is close to our hearts as proud supporters of Akemi’s work with the Yuri Kochiyama Solidarity Fund through our Relief and Resilience Fund. 

Before or after you listen, consider joining us March 8th at 4pm for an online conversation with Akemi herself about Yuri Kochiyama’s powerful work as an intersectional feminist organizer and champion for racial solidarity.

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