New Database Tracks Women’s Wellness Across California - Women's Foundation California

KQED, The California Report, March 29, 2016

The nonprofit California Budget and Policy Center has launched a new database detailing how California women are faring in a variety of areas. Among the categories it drills into are health, economic security and political empowerment.

For example, want to know what child care costs? A typical single mother with a baby and a school-age child will put nearly 45 percent of her income toward it in Sonoma County. But right next door in Mendocino, it’ll take about 92 percent.

Surina Khan is CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California, which took part in the project. She says the data put a spotlight on the challenges women are facing.

“Women are not adequately represented in leadership positions,” she says. “Women are dealing with issues around the wage gap, around not being able to afford child care.”

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