News Round-Up: The Great Recession's Impact on Women and Families

It’s been an active week for news about how the Great Recession has affected women and their families.

The Joint Economic Committee released a report on how the Great Recession has affected working mothers and their families. The Ms. Foundation breaks it down for us.

The Women’s Economic Security Campaign released a new report with recommendations for how safety net services can be improved so that women can escape poverty permanently.

And the Women’s Foundation of California funded research released by the California Budget Project which discusses women’s job losses during the recession and shows the disproportionate effect of California’s budget cuts on women and families (for more details, see our May 11 blog post).

Given that California’s governor will be releasing his proposal for balancing California’s budget, it’s important that we have the information we need to be active and engaged participants in the upcoming debates. Learn how you can take action.

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