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annual-report-2011-12Our 2011-12 annual report is now available online. In it, you will read beautiful stories about some of our grant partners and donors.

For example you’ll learn about Khmer Girls in Action who are working to “close the health gap [in Long Beach high schools] so that teachers can have a chance to close the academic gap.”

You’ll learn about California Partnership, a grant partner who is working to address the root causes of poverty in California. In this annual report, Executive Director Vanessa Aramayo tells us that California doesn’t “have a spending problem; we have a revenue problem. The public is misled to believe that the only way we can solve our budget problem is if we cut our way out of it.”

You’ll also meet two of our donors. Michelle Cale, member of our Women of Silicon Valley Donor Circle, is teaching a class in philanthropy this year at her daughter’s middle school: “I’m trying to get the girls to embrace this idea of being a philanthropist. I don’t think there’s any reason why they should not be thinking philanthropically at this age.”

At the same time, Lia Saeteurn, a donor and member of our Los Angeles Giving Circle, volunteers 500 hours every year. She volunteers as a college preparation and financial literacy mentor to middle and high school girls: “I believe that anyone who has access to the right education and the right role models can get out of the world in which they think they’re trapped.”

Enjoy the stories and let us know what you think about our annual report by commenting.

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