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Shonique Williams


Statewide Organizer

Following a wrongful conviction that led to a two-year prison sentence, Shonique Williams has dedicated herself to advocating for social justice reform. She accredits her passion regarding advocacy to the knowledge that influence and representation is powerful in effective change. As a community leader, Shonique believes that one must be a representation of the community being served. Shonique desires to assist in the restoration, protection, and assurance of dignity to those incarcerated, their families and loved ones, as well as their communities. Shonique believes that everyone has the right to feel dignified at all times, including but not limited to, incarceration, and that it is the responsibility of all to ensure that such dignity is being achieved and maintained. By educating her community, Shonique aspires to change the narrative surrounding the treatment of incarcerated individuals via policy, legislation, and effective implementation, one state at a time, until all, incarcerated or otherwise, become liberated throughout the United States of America, beginning with the abolishment of modern-day slavery, otherwise known as the Thirteenth Amendment.

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