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One year ago, at the White House, Prosperity Together announced a $100 million commitment to women’s economic security over the course of five years. Partners of Prosperity Together are excited to announce an over $29 million commitment to increase women’s economic security in 2016. The first-year totals are 46% higher than projected, supporting 996 unique organizations in 23 states and Washington, DC.

Prosperity Together, a collective effort of U.S. women’s foundations seeks to help women in their communities and states acquire living-wage jobs, educational training and support, and affordable and high-quality childcare through funding groups focusing on low-wage women and girls around the country.

“The Women’s Foundation of California is proud to be a part of the #ProsperityTogether movement,” said Surina Khan, CEO of the Foundation. “In the inaugural year, the Foundation exceeded its $2 million commitment by more than 10%, because we believe in the power of investing in women. When you invest in women, you invest in communities, and real solutions to challenges in those communities.”

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the last eight years for low-income women, women and girls of color, and women from marginalized communities, but so much more work remains. It’s an encouraging sign when communities work together and commit to increase opportunity and access for all women and girls in our country,” said Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls.

“As a lead founder of Prosperity Together, we have witnessed the transformative power of inclusive alliances created by women’s foundations. The 29 women’s foundations of Prosperity Together have surpassed the year one goals and we intend to keep up that momentum. Now more than ever, local and regional solutions are needed to protect gains we have made and to influence greater local and national change for women. We know that when a woman uplifts herself, she takes her family and community with her. Prosperity Together is yet another great example of how investing in women makes our country stronger,” said Ana L. Oliveira, President and CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation and Lead founder of Prosperity Together.

“On behalf of the 29 women’s foundations that comprise Prosperity Together, we could not be more thrilled with our outcomes in year one. In the coming four years, we anticipate that our collective work will be more important than ever. Our investments to increase education and job training opportunities, good-paying jobs with benefits, and access to affordable, quality childcare will continue to benefit thousands of low-income women and families across the country – ensuring pathways to prosperity, not poverty. This is what Prosperity Together is all about,” said Lee Roper-Batker, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and lead founder of Prosperity Together.

About Prosperity Together

Prosperity Together is the collective effort of women’s foundations to raise awareness of their role in improving the economic security of low-income women and their families. Prosperity Together envisions a future where women are economically secure. Children, families, and communities will thrive when we ensure access to childcare, education, and employment and earnings opportunities that promote pathways to good, stable jobs and leadership advancement. Prosperity Together formed in 2015 to ensure that all women and girls have access to the jobs, education, and family supports needed to be economically secure.

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