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Our Women’s Policy Institute was featured in Snapshots of Philanthropy, a year-long series created by Northern California Grantmakers (NCG).   With a membership of more than 170 grantmaking foundations and corporations, NCG is committed to showcasing the scope and positive impact of its members in Northern California. In 2008, NCG members awarded more than $3 billion to charitable organizations in California and the world. These Snapshots describe who NCG members fund, and what changes are happening as a result of these investments. We’re proud that the Women’s Foundation of California is among them. Excerpt below.

Women and girls are a critical voice too often missing in Sacramento and at the level of local policymaking. Women represent 51 percent of California’s population and have historically been the problem-solvers in their families and communities. They have unique perspectives and skills to contribute to the policymaking process. Yet as of 2011, women make up just 25 percent of the elected positions at the country, state and federal levels. Not only are they missing as policymakers, they are missing as policy influencers. There is no level of policy in which women are well represented, be that policy design, decision-making or implementation. Even lobbying power on women’s issues is concentrated within a small group.

The Women’s Foundation of California, a statewide public foundation with a mission to create a California where women are healthy, safe and economically secure, recognized the need for the deliberate engagement of women in the legislative process. Download the article.

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