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The Women’s Policy Institute of the Women’s Foundation of California trains women advocates on how to lobby while actively lobbying. This hands-on training has been crucial to graduating 185 fellows from our program and out into their communities. While it’s not often easy to measure the success of advocacy work, thanks to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, we know the community return is immense (read this blog post on the dollar impact of advocacy work).

One of the main questions we get at the Women’s Foundation is whether or not nonprofits and foundations can lobby, and to what extent. Nonprofits (registered 501(c)3’s) may participate in lobbying activities but with limits. Want to learn more? Download this document, which provides an overview of federal and state lobbying rules for 501(c)3’s.

For more information about laws pertaining to lobbying, visit the website of Alliance for Justice.

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