What Are You Grateful For? - Women's Foundation California

by Judy Patrick, President and CEO, Women’s Foundation of California

Over the years, I have developed a daily practice of writing a gratitude list.

In my work as the CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California, I have much to be grateful for and during this season of thanksgiving, my list becomes longer.  I find I have a long list of work-related gratitudes.

I’m grateful for:

  • The opportunity to do work that sits at the heart of my values and my personal mission to end poverty & resource women’s leadership in solving thorny problems. This year, the foundation commissioned a pioneering gender analysis of the state budget to bring to light the disproportionate impact budget cuts were having on women and families. How encouraging to see the report used by advocates who are working to strengthen programs that keep women in the workforce, our children in high quality childcare and our state’s elders economically secure.
  • The inspiration of learning about our grant partners overcoming the odds and winning victories every day. This year, the advocacy work of our grant partner Californians for Pesticide Reform resulted in new rules to restrict pesticide use near schools, homes and labor camps in four counties of the Central Valley.
  • The ability to continually grapple with crafting new solutions to address complex problems while supporting the efforts of others to do the same. Our Women’s Policy Institute has done a remarkable job of analyzing and addressing complex problems and as a result, two bills championed by fellows and graduates became law this year. One streamlines the path for community college students to transfer to 4-year colleges, and the other protects the health of farmworkers exposed to pesticides.

Most importantly, I’m grateful to do this work in partnership with

  • a staff comprised of remarkable, compassionate leaders whom I look forward to seeing daily
  • a Board of Directors that truly collaborates with staff and
  • a community of supporters that believe that the Women’s Foundation can resource California’s best and brightest leaders.

Please take a few moments to write down a list of things that you are grateful for. And if you are so moved, please share a couple of them with us.

We wish you, your family and your loved ones a joyous Thanksgiving.


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