What does it take for low-income women to achieve economic security? - Women's Foundation California

This Spotlight Webcast, featuring members of the Women’s Economic Security Campaign (WESC), explores the question. Surina Khan, from the Women’s Foundation of California, joins Shante K. Avant, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis and Shauné Zunzanyika, Women’s Funding Network, in discussing strategies that are proving to be effective in helping low-income women move out of poverty and achieve long-term economic security. Among the programs discussed are LIFETIME, a Women’s Foundation of California grant partner that helps women on public assistance obtain college degrees, and Memphis HOPE, which links primarily single mothers with training and support that lead to steady employment.

Part one of the Spotlight Webcast explores the current economic situation of low-income women. In March of 2010, the unemployment rate for women who are maintaining families was just over 11 percent versus 8.1 percent for married men. Watch part one of the Spotlight Webcast to learn more.

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