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momentum-awardToday we launched our first online contest, the People’s Momentum Award. A qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the most votes come noon PST, Thursday, March 28, will take home a $10,000 grant.

This contest was designed to celebrate March—Women’s History Month—and is sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Everybody in California is invited to nominate and vote for their favorite nonprofit, which must be working on behalf of women and girls in California. For example, a qualifying organization might be a women’s health care clinic, a job training program that works with teenage girls or an organization that makes sure that low-income mothers have quality childcare.

The nomination period ends at midnight PST on Friday, March 15, and the deadline to vote is noon PST, Thursday, March 28. You can nominate your favorite organization today and share with your networks this opportunity to influence our grant making decisions.

“We decided to hold the contest because we wanted to give decision-making power to our supporters, donors and activists. Because we value our supporters, we wanted to tap into their collective experience and knowledge and ask them to tell us who in their community is working hard on behalf of women and children and deserves a grant,” said Judy Patrick, our President and CEO.

This is the first time the Women’s Foundation of California is organizing a contest that gives supporters an opportunity to help a nonprofit in their community. The Foundation is hoping to raise awareness about the dismal fact that many California nonprofit organizations are struggling these days, especially the ones working on behalf of women and girls.

In 2012, only 7 percent of all philanthropic dollars was allocated to help women and girls, and the Foundation hopes that this online, shareable and potentially viral contest will inspire Californians to support these life-changing organizations in 2013.

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