Women's Giving Circles Recognized in The New York Times - Women's Foundation California

Women Give SDHow thrilling to see the article, Giving Circles: More Impact to Go Around,  in The New York Times yesterday. It’s a great article about the impact of women’s giving circles. While this collaborative model of giving is on the rise, we’re proud to say that the Women’s Foundation of California has been hosting giving circles for the past 15 years. All told, our giving circle members have made grants totaling $10.4 million to benefit the lives of low-income women and their families!

One of these giving circles is based in San Diego. Women Give San Diego was started in 2010 by three visionary women – Linda Katz, Gayle Tauber and Jan Tuttleman.  Now 111 members strong, Women Give San Diego has awarded $198,000 to nine organizations that are working on increasing women’s economic security in San Diego County. Check out this profile of Women Give San Diego on page 11 of our recently released annual report, and find out what makes this circle so unique. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by what’s possible when women pool their resources and their passion.

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