Welcome Women's Policy Institute-State Class of 2021!

Women’s Foundation California is proud to introduce you to the 18th cohort of the Women’s Policy Institute- State Class of 2021!

As we celebrate our country’s recent political victories, we’re bolstered by the statewide work of our Women’s Policy Institute (WPI). More effective than a single lobby group, our Women’s Policy Institute amplifies the voices of our community.

For the cisgender and transgender women, non-binary and genderqueer people, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color throughout our state, WPI gives them the training they need to be policy experts and champions for racial, economic, and gender justice.

We are proud that our WPI-State Class of 2021 reflects the diversity of California as well as the wide variety of organizations in the nonprofit sector advancing equity and justice. 

This year’s cohort has teams focused on the issue areas of community health, criminal justice reform, police reform, economic security, reproductive health, rights and justice, and trauma services and prevention.

Each of these leaders embody the belief of the Women’s Foundation California that those closest to the problem are the best equipped with the solution. We are thrilled to have such a powerful cohort.

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