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Governor Brown signs the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law in 2013. Our Women's Policy Institute fellows worked on this bill for years. Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office.
Governor Brown signs the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law in 2013. Our Women’s Policy Institute fellows worked on this bill for years. Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office.

We’re looking to recruit 25–30 extraordinary women grassroots leaders with expertise in one of these areas: criminal justice, domestic violence, health, postsecondary education, safety net policy or workforce development. The first online information session to guide you through the application process is tomorrow, June 12, 1–2 PM.

Over the course of one year, we’ll train these inspiring women (we call them fellows) to advance policy change on behalf of their communities. In particular, we’ll show them how to conduct research, develop messaging, mobilize constituents, build relationships with legislators and allies, create and then shepherd bills into laws.

The program has been a resounding success: over the last 11 years, we’ve trained over 300 women and they’ve helped pass 20 bills into law.

Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

One of those laws is the groundbreaking Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, which last year ensured overtime pay for 100,000 domestic workers, most of them women. Katie Joaquin, campaign director at California Domestic Workers Coalition, and our 2011–12 fellow, worked on this bill:

“While I stood around the table with domestic workers and their supporters watching Governor Brown sign the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights into law, I was incredibly moved. Not simply by the historic win of daily overtime for domestic workers who had been excluded from that right for over 75 years.

I was moved because I saw a new level of power and recognition in Sacramento for the domestic workers that had inspired a vast network of Californians to join their fight for dignity, shifting the debate and building the mass support that brought us all to the table,” said Katie Joaquin.

“The Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) taps into the infinite potential of women to affect change – helping us channel our leadership of grassroots efforts in the field into a strategy to change state policy and build political power in our communities.”

In our case, the Women’s Policy Institute equipped talented immigrant women workers with the tools to gracefully kick down the doors of the capitol and win state recognition of their dignity. And it’s an experience we wouldn’t trade for the world.”

We know that there are many extraordinary women like Katie who would benefit tremendously from this fellowship and we need your help to reach them. Will you spread the word about this public policy fellowship?

Hiring for a new position: Senior Program Manager, WPI

This savvy individual would help set strategy for, manage and implement the Women’s Policy Institute. This is an exciting position that combines curriculum and program development, training, outreach, communications and fundraising. Learn more about this position and please help us spread the word.

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