Just Run: Womxn Running for Office

From Citizen to Candidate: a conversation with WPI alums who ran for public office… and (sometimes) won

Last week, we gathered for what was truly an inspiring conversation with Women’s Policy Institute alums who ran, and are running, for public office. We all know gender justice means having womxn writing our laws from the state legislature to the senate floor.

For those of you who were unable to attend, here’s a recording of the webinar.

Please use password: 8Q##F?3@

Here is the list of speakers:

And finally, our list of resources for those of you considering running for something (and we hope you do!)

Close the Gap CA: Statewide campaign to achieve gender balance in the California Legislature by recruiting progressive women to run

Emerge: Training program for Democratic women who want to run for office

Emily’s List: Financial and training support for progressive women candidates for public office

Ignite: Encouraging young women to get involved in the political process

Run for Something: Recruiting and supporting young progressives

Run Women Run: Nonpartisan organization that inspires, recruits, and trains qualified, pro-choice women to seek elected and appointed office

She Should Run: Training and networking for women taking their first steps toward public leadership

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