From Raquel Willis to The Election Turnout - Women's Foundation California

photo of Michelle Meow with author and activist Raquel Willis in conversation with WFC CEO Bia Vieira.

We’re halfway through Feminist March Madness, and one thing is clear: the power, beauty, and adaptability of this community continues to astound us. Fresh off the heels of the California primary, a thoughtful conversation with Raquel Willis at the Commonwealth Club, and our Community Call for abortion advocacy and shifting culture— we feel energized and inspired for the road ahead.

It’s been two weeks since the March 5th Primary Election and though votes are still being tallied, the latest official numbers report that voter turnout was close to 30% below average for presidential primaries. “When voter turnout is low, a small group of people make decisions that impact ALL of us. Representation is critical for the fairness and integrity of our democracy. Youth and BIPOC voters are powerful drivers of change.” – Courage California.

With the election season ahead and so much at stake, our collective action and the interconnectedness of our efforts remain crucial to our future. From new Continuum members to planned gifts and innovative partnerships, the generosity of our community continues to be a beacon of hope and resilience as we navigate these challenges. Your support enables us to bolster organizations on the frontlines of gender, racial, and economic justice. Like those dedicated to civic engagement — driving young, queer, and BIPOC voters to the polls to pass legislation and elect leaders who represent and stand up for marginalized communities. These organizations are in this work for the long haul (and so are we), because change doesn’t happen overnight, but rather through persistent advocacy, community organizing, and collective action.

Women’s History Month serves as a reminder that our community is a beacon of hope, resilience, and solidarity. Our progress is a testament to the power of coming together, amplifying diverse voices, and channeling our resources towards meaningful change.

Together, we are writing the next chapter of Women’s History—one filled with courage, compassion, and collective liberation.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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