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Clarissa’s Battle Photo Credit: CB Smith-Dahl

Day in and day out, Clarissa Doutherd fights tirelessly to make childcare and preschool a given for all California families. She honed her policy prowess in our Solís Policy Institute, she testified, she knocked on doors, and she organized. And it’s working!

Now, alongside the powerful coalition she’s built with Parent Voices Oakland, Clarissa’s won campaigns and championed bills securing over $3 billion dollars of childcare funding for working parents. Through SPI, we invest in, train, and connect community leaders like Clarissa who are creating health, safety, and prosperity in their neighborhoods, in their communities, and across the entire state.

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This month, Clarissa’s fierce spirit and critical work are captured on film in a new documentary premiering at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Clarissa’s Battle. While we can’t promise you that if you apply to SPI, they’ll make a documentary about you, we can promise you it’ll level up your change-making skills.

Clarissa is one of over 600 alums who have gone through the Solís Policy Institute and gone on to build California’s intersectional feminist future in ways big and small. In just the last six months, our alums have been appointed to state commissions, won elections and awards, and penned pieces that have ended up all over the internet. Take a peak at what our alums have been up to.

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