California’s Reproductive Justice Future: I Have 3 Actions

We are so grateful to the hundreds of folks who gathered with us yesterday to meet the moment and rally for California’s Reproductive Justice Future. 

As California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom Coalition Director, Nakia Woods, made crystal clear, now is the time “To fund us like you want us to win.” In that spirit, here are three ways you can take action today to support organizations, networks, and infrastructure building bodily autonomy in California and beyond. 

  • Give for the Long Haul
    Protecting bodily autonomy and supporting reproductive justice depends on our investments now and for generations to come. We’ve partnered with FreeWill to provide free tools to folks ready to direct resources and protect the people and communities we love. 

  • Share Your Thoughts
    Building our reproductive justice present and future is work we do in community, which means we want to hear from you.  Please consider taking our five-minute survey to share your thoughts, ideas, and information. 

Yesterday’s conversation was full of mic drops and real talk. We reassured each other that we aren’t leaving anybody behind, because not just women need abortions. You can watch or revisit the full recording below.

Tabbing through the hundreds of faces on the call, I was fortified by the power and brilliance of this intersectional feminist community. Let’s continue to remind ourselves and each other of all the ways our words and our actions can fortify California’s reproductive justice present and future.


This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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