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Kim Carter
By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant

Kim Carter, Founder and Executive Director of our grant partner the Time for Change Foundation, is passionate about reducing recidivism and crime in California through supportive services and rehabilitation. She has been working with California state government for ten years: educating, informing and advocating about issues related to incarceration. Most recently, Ms. Carter has taken a stand against the new law AB109.

This year, the Supreme Court ordered California state prisons to reduce their population by more than 30,000 inmates, due to overcrowding. While at face value this may seem like a victory, the question remains–where do the inmates go? AB109, also known as “realignment,” is relocating inmates from state prisons to county jails. Ms. Carter argues that county jails are ill-equipped to handle this influx and that AB109 will only make matters worse for incarcerated Californians. To learn more about this issue check out Ms. Carter’s article, recently published by the Huffington Post.

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