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By Emma Mayerson, Development Assistant

Tamaya Garcia has been fighting for Assembly Bill 568 for two years with our grant partner the Center¬†for¬†Young Women’s Development.¬†AB 568 would ensure that the least restrictive restraints possible are used on¬†pregnant¬†women who are in jail.¬†In other words, it would end the use of belly chains, leg irons, ankle restraints and other¬† shackling devices that jeopardize the health of pregnant women and their unborn children – devices that are¬†still used in jails and prisons across our state.

Tamaya was a 2010¬†fellow¬†in our Women’s Policy Institute (WPI), a program that trains women to use public policy to create long-term change in California. Tamaya¬†worked on AB 568 with a team of passionate advocates and devoted mentors.¬†Although Tamaya has graduated from the program, her advocacy on the bill continues. Check out her¬†thought-provoking article explaining AB 568 and the urgent need to¬†support this bill as it makes its way to Governor Brown’s desk.

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