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Despite ongoing assaults on freedom, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender,  and bodily autonomy, we are proud to celebrate Pride Month. Women’s Foundation California remains committed to building a multiracial, feminist, inclusive democracy through our Solís Policy Institute and its 600+ alums. This summer, we’re asking our alums: Why choose SPI?

One of our newest SPI alum is Clementine Ellis, who focuses on the intersection of intimate partner violence (IPV) and gun violence. At SPI, she deepened her work and built a network of advocates as a member of the Trauma Services and Prevention team. Collaborating with Assemblymember Petrie-Norris, the team introduced bill AB 2759, aiming to enhance the fairness, consistency, and efficacy of firearm restriction laws, while strengthening protections for survivors of domestic violence and the broader public. This bill just passed the assembly and is in senate committee for review.  

Reflecting on the Solís Policy Institute fellowship, Clementine cherishes the relationships she built, saying, “I now have a group of people from across the state that I can turn to for support and advice, and who I will continue to collaborate with beyond this fellowship.” Applications for SPI are now open and the deadline to apply is June 27. Apply and share!

Here are Clementine’s top five reasons to apply to SPI:

Clementine’s Top 5 Reasons

  1. Collaborative Opportunities with Leaders and Changemakers:
    SPI gave me an opportunity to not only meet but to collaborate with leaders and changemakers in my field. I wasn’t just shaking hands with them, but working with them on policies that would impact the entire state.
  2. Platform for Real-World Knowledge:
    Those of us working in a nonprofit or grassroots organization have the real-world knowledge needed to create an equitable California, and SPI gave my team the platform to take those ideas to the capital and incite real change.
  3. Organizational Advocacy Skills:
    My professional development through SPI was valuable to my entire organization. The skills and knowledge I gained during my fellowship helped my organization advocate for our needs on both a local and state level.
  4. Unique Combination of Knowledge and Advice:
    The combination of technical knowledge and down-to-earth advice given by the speakers and mentors in SPI is truly unique, and not something you’re likely to find anywhere else!
  5. Invaluable Professional and Personal Relationships:
    The professional and personal relationships I built with my team are invaluable. I now have a group of people from across the state that I can turn to for support and advice, and who I will continue to collaborate with beyond this fellowship.

This is your chance to join SPI and our amazing network of alums, like Clementine, to sharpen your policy advocacy skills. Submit your application today and be part of transforming California’s future.

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The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

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