Dolores Huerta on Kiskadee 🎧

I had the opportunity to speak with the ever-inspiring Dolores Huerta this week on the Kiskadee Podcast. We talked about her current efforts to expand healthcare access in California for undocumented folks with Assembly Bill 4, her new Peace and Justice Center in Bakersfield, as well as her historic work on the Equal Rights Amendment.

As always, talking to her was both energizing and enlightening.


During our conversation, she explained: “Most of my organizing, as you know, has been at the grassroots level. Whenever we have meetings with families and we ask them, what are the most important issues that you care about? Number one is healthcare.”

The fiercest 91-year-old I know, Dolores, and my conversation covered so much ground and I can think of no better way to round out the first season of Kiskadee.

Listen now and take action.

¡Si Se Puede!

P.S. Take action to expand healthcare coverage to undocumented folks in California. Reach out to Speaker Anthony RendonGovernor Gavin Newsom, or Tony Atkins and let them know you support AB 4!

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