Partners in Mental Health 🌻 - Women's Foundation California

Photo caption: A meeting hosted by our grant partner BEAM.

With just a few days left in Mental Health Awareness month, we want to call your attention to the phenomenal list of Women’s Foundation California grant partners strengthening the emotional, physical, and mental health in communities across the state.

As Audre Lorde noted, “We are powerful because we have survived, and that is what it is all about – survival and growth.” The feminist future we are building in California is a place where we are not just surviving, but growing together.

We are awed and humbled by the vital mental health work powered by this sample of Women’s Foundation California grantee partners:

Supporting strong mental health is more than a small part of how we make it through and continue to become our true authentic selves.

This work is powered by you.

The feminist future we are building together in California is going to be built by all of us sharing our time, our money, and our skills.  Please consider contributing today.

Together We Are Unstoppable.

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