MVP: Madam Vice President Kamala Harris

Today feels momentous. A Black woman, an Indian American woman, a Californian from a family of immigrants is the Vice President of the United States. This is a moment worthy of celebration in a year already marred by so much hatred, violence, and loss.

I know that Kamala Harris will not save us, but her ascendency to the White House alongside Joe Biden represents real and meaningful progress. Having a woman of color Vice President makes more room for other women of color and non-binary folks ready to lead within and beyond Pennsylvania Avenue.

Today Kamala Harris becomes Madame Vice President, but there are so many MVPs championing feminist leadership. Our Women’s Foundation California community is packed full of them. Our Women’s Policy Institute Fellows and Alum craft innovative policy and pass powerful legislation. Our grant partners lead organizations doing everything from fighting for clean water to advocating for fair elections to protecting transgender rights.

The events of the last few weeks demonstrate that there is no shortage of hatred in our country. But there is also an abundance of progress, countless people who push forward racial, economic, and gender justice. Kamala Harris becoming Vice President is one of the many forms that progress takes.

Our work together is to take care of each other and continue working towards the world we know is not only possible, but happening right before our very eyes.




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