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The Women's Policy Institute

The Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) is a year-long fellowship program that trains grassroots community leaders on the ins and outs of the policy process at the state or local level. Over the course of the program, teams of fellows learn how to testify at hearings, transform bills into laws, and build lasting relationships with legislators. With 35 of our fellows’ policy projects signed into law, we’ve seen that a single leader’s actions can have an enormous impact on communities.

We focus on policy leadership development because we know that it is a powerful means for shaping our laws, regulations, ordinances, government allocations, and especially for building grassroots community power. Through WPI, we remove the real and perceived barriers to shaping the policies that affect our communities and can help direct the course of our democracy, economy, and shared future. 

WPI seeks to diversify the policy arena by building the leadership of people impacted by gender-based oppression, violence, and discrimination. We uplift the voices of transgender and cisgender women, non-binary and genderqueer people, and transgender men–particularly those from communities of color as well as rural, low-income, immigrant, and queer communities. By bringing individuals who experience gender-based discrimination into the policy process, WPI advances an intersectional feminist policy agenda that centers the needs of historically marginalized communities.

We train community leaders from a range of social justice movements, including: reproductive, economic and trauma justice; criminal justice reform; health; and environmental justice. Learn More

Applications for WPI-State Class of 2021 are now OPEN.

Funders Policy Institute

Just like the Women’s Policy Institute, the Funders Policy Institute is a hands-on experiential learning program focused on capacity building and network facilitation. Participants attend a three-day experiential Institute in Sacramento where they learn the ins and outs of policy advocacy work, connect with other funders committed to effective policy-based grantmaking and meet with policymakers and policy advocates to hear how this work is being done on the ground. Learn More