Take Action: Solidarity Funding for Peace and Justice

photo credit: Ramsey Ramsey El-Qare

With broken hearts, we are rising to meet the courage of organizers and frontline leaders in this moment. We are proud to invest in Palestinian Arab-led movement activists and organizers who are creating a future where all people can live in dignity and freedom.

  • Arab Resource Organizing Center (California Bay Area)
    AROC serves poor and working class Arabs and Muslims across the San Francisco Bay Area, while organizing to overturn racism, forced migration, and militarism.
  • Majdal Center (San Diego, California)
    Through campaigning, advocacy, and cultural programming, the Majdal Center’s mission is to uplift Arab youth, workers, families, and elders in their pursuits and to support them in overcoming whatever social, economic, and political challenges they may face.
  • Solidaire Network’s Unity & Power Fund (National Movement Support)
    Launched to resource progressive Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and Jewish-led antiwar activism, this fund provides individual and institutional donors the opportunity to rapidly resource anti-war movement building, protect the safety of frontline organizers, and provide urgent aid to those on the ground in Gaza. The fund also moves critical resources to organizations facing backlash, threats to security and safety, and funding challenges due to their calls for a ceasefire.

Through these solidarity grants, Women’s Foundation California is supporting Palestinian-led movement organizations, Jewish peace-building alliances, and multi-faith and multi-racial movements in California and across the U.S. at the forefront of advocacy for an immediate ceasefire. We invite you to join us in funding and amplifying their work. Please reach out if you would like more information.

We have signed the Philanthropy Open Letter for Humanity and Justice. We urge the philanthropic community to speak out and activate funding alongside Palestinian, Muslim, and Arab-led movements for a just peace – now and for the long-term. In the face of anti-Palestinian, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic violence and rhetoric, we must safeguard organizations and leaders working for justice.

As violence and militarism intensify, so does our solidarity. In our collective commitment to racial and gender justice, we join the global call for peace, advocating for a future where all our loved ones live free from dehumanization, systemic oppression, and state violence.

In Solidarity,

Jeanine Erikat (she/her) and Liza Siegler (she/her)

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