What change do you want to see for the state of California in the next 10 years, and what do we need to get there? - Women's Foundation California

In January, the Women’s Foundation of California hosted Connecting California 2010, a conference to discuss California’s most entrenched problems. Grant partners, donors, scholars, and staff came together to address two pressing questions: What do we want for the state of California? How will we get there?

The answers were varied and visionary. Here are a few. (Hear the rest by watching this video!)

– A state budget system that includes budget & fiscal reform

– Improve the economic and health security of all generations

– Embrace all of California’s diversity: it’s cultures and languages.

– Marriage equality, which will then cause a ripple effect of economic benefits for women in California

How will we get there?

– Vast improvements in our education system, so that the graduation rate, particularly for people of color, significantly improves.

– An end to the legislative partisanship that’s taking place in Sacramento

– Young people need to believe in the power and potential that they have as leaders, and take ownership of that.

– Stop cutting our budget and cutting programs. Change the 2/3 majority for passing the budget, otherwise we will always be in a deadlock.

– Revisit prop 13 and the devastating effects it’s had on us

What do YOU want for California? How will we get there?

Read notes and presentations from Connecting California 2010

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