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Women’s Suffrage 90 Years Later

By Michelle Chandra, Communications Associate, Women’s Foundation of California Today, August 26th, is Women’s Equality Day, a national holiday to […]

Women Are Changing Philanthropy

By Joy Picus Women’s philanthropy has become one of the major commitments in my life.  I read about it, speak […]

A Different Measure for Beauty

By guest blogger Emma Spencer, an 8th grade English teacher in Mountain View At the Sunday Streets event in San […]

One Million More College Graduates by 2025

By Judy Patrick, Former President and CEO of Women’s Foundation California It is simple common sense–education matters. This is a […]

Shattering Stereotypes Worldwide: Geena Davis Speaks to the UN about Children’s Programming

By Sande Smith, Director of Communications, Women’s Foundation of California At our 30th anniversary celebration in November, Academy Award winner […]

Rethinking Aging

By Alexis Marbach, Program Intern, Women’s Foundation of California I have a morning ritual. I usually start my day in […]

Do Women Need a Sex Pill?

Yesterday, Jennifer Terry published an op-ed in CNN called Do Women Need a Sex Pill? that pops a perennial question. […]

Reproductive Justice: Advancing Safe and Healthy Families

Last month I had lunch with a woman named Eveline Shen. Eveline is the executive director of Asian Communities for […]

News Round-Up: Women and Budget Cuts

Philanthropy Must Play a Role During Budget Crises By Judy Patrick, as seen on Re:Philanthropy After years of watching the […]

Real Family Values: Honoring Mothers Year Round

By Shailushi Ritchie, Former Development and Communications Officer at the Women’s Foundation California Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. […]

Women’s Funds Share Economic Solutions at White House

  We arrived at the White House in two cabs on an unseasonably cold and rainy spring afternoon earlier this […]

Grown Up “Mean Girls”

Maternity leave has granted me many wonderful things: precious, irreplaceable time with my new son, Julian; long walks rediscovering Golden […]

Women Who Inspire Me

By Former Development and Communications Officer Kim Kenny When asked “who inspires you?” I began ticking through a list of […]

Why Should Nonprofits Care About Tax Policy and Reform?

By guest blogger Kim Klein, Building Movement Project “Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of […]

Our Genes Belong to Us. For Now.

By Barbara A. Brenner, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action How can anyone own our genes? Up until now, no court […]

Being a Woman is No Longer a “Pre-Existing Condition”

By Shailushi Ritchie, Former Development and Communications Officer for the Women’s Foundation California When I first heard that the health […]

What change do you want to see for the state of California in the next 10 years, and what do we need to get there?

In January, the Women’s Foundation of California hosted Connecting California 2010, a conference to discuss California’s most entrenched problems. Grant […]

Don’t Become a Feminist

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 46. It was the beginning of 1982 and I was […]

Demystifying Money!

By Sande Smith, former Director of Communications for the Women’s Foundation California. I remember going to college and getting credit […]

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