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Economic Insecurity for All

The shocking truth about economic insecurity is that it will, at one point or another, affect most Americans. According to […]

Our Strategy in a Nutshell

We have a three-pronged approach to making economic security a reality for women and children in our state. To achieve […]

This Is Why We Need You

As a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, a few individuals and corporations are now allowed to donate […]

Poverty Is a Women’s Issue

It’s 2013 and poverty has become a women’s issue. According to the US Census Bureau’s supplemental poverty measure, one in […]

The Women’s Foundation of California Creates Animated Video for #GivingTuesday and $20,000 Match

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3, 2013—The Women's Foundation of California announced today that it has created a new video that shows […]

Women’s Foundation of California Joins #GivingTuesday: Inspired Giving Circle Member Provides $20,000 Match

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26, 2013—The Women's Foundation of California announced today that it will participate through the Razoo crowdfunding platform […]

In Memory of Jing Lyman

I first met Jing while doing a workshop at a Ms. Foundation conference on workforce development for low income women. At the end of the workshop she walked up to me and said “that was completely terrific.” This began over 30 years of conferences, meals and conversations.

Women’s Giving Circles Recognized in The New York Times

How thrilling to see the article, Giving Circles: More Impact to Go Around,  in The New York Times yesterday. It’s […]

Women’s Foundation of California Selects 25 Community and Nonprofit Leaders as 2013-2014 Women’s Policy Institute Fellows

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 28, 2013—The Women’s Foundation of California announced today that 25 community and nonprofit leaders have been […]

Announcing our 2013-14 Women’s Policy Institute Fellows

We’re thrilled to announce our 2013-14 class of the Women’s Policy Institute. This groundbreaking program brings  women’s expertise to the […]

Jail is No Place to Treat Women’s Mental Health Issues

The first thing I noticed when we walked into the cell block was a woman sitting on top of a […]

Giving Together Enables Us to Give More, and Receive More Too

by Michelle Cale, WFC Board Member Towards the end of 2008, I found myself with a new job: the family’s […]

Principles and Recommendations for Gender-Responsive Approaches for Criminal Justice Reform

This report, prepared by Barbara Bloom, PhD and with support from the Rosenberg Foundation, presents principles and recommendations for gender-responsive […]

Women’s Policy Institute Graduates Discuss Importance of Campaign for Domestic Workers Rights

A week and a half ago, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (AB 241) was approved by the Senate Appropriations […]

Governor Brown’s Costly Prison Plan Does Not Provide Real Solutions to Prison Overcrowding

Once these prisons are opened and filled, there will be little incentive to reduce the number of people in them and California will continue to lead the country in prisoners while falling further and further behind in education, health care and human services.

Will You Make a Call to Support CA Domestic Workers?

TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, call your senator or Governor Brown to support the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights! The California […]

Sign Petition to Tell Governor Brown That California’s Cash Reserves Should Not Be Used For Prison Beds

Prisoners’ rights and social services advocates are working together to devise a different plan—one that safely reduces the prisoner population while providing support to communities who welcome these prisoners home.

Call Senator de Leon in Support of AB 271

Call-in number: 916-651-4022 Over the last four weeks, 1,412 people from all over California signed our card in support of […]

A Caregiver Speaks About Why the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Matters

by Amelia Baranchea I hope that after you read my story, you will get a clearer idea of what caregivers […]

An Employer Speaks About Why She Cares About the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

by Carolyn Ji Jong Goossen, Member of Hand in Hand, San Francisco, CA Three months after my second child was […]

California’s Women Prisoners Deserve a Healthcare System That Respects Their Rights

By Katie Egan, Program Assistant Last month, the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) released a devastating article, revealing that between […]

More Investment in CalWORKs Needed To Slow Growing Poverty Rate

Judy Patrick, Huffington Post, June 24, 2013—Well, California has reached agreement on a budget. And this budget makes good progress […]

In Response to May Revise, We Tie Women’s Hands

Women don't want to break out champagne, they want to break out of poverty. SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 17, 2013—On Wednesday, […]

We launch a $10,000 online contest and Californians get to decide who wins

One qualified California nonprofit with the most votes on March 28 wins a large grant SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2013—The […]

The Work of Women

In our latest report we propose an innovative approach to building women’s economic security: blending workforce sector development and economic justice.

Building Economic Security: The Power of Gender-Based Philanthropy 

Building Economic Security: The Power of Gender-Based Philanthropy by the Women’s Economic Security Campaign, which we’re part of, outlines how gender-based […]

This Is Why Holly Mitchell Is a Superstar

By AnnaJoy Gillis, Intern & Missa Perron, Development Assistant Sign our card for Holly Mitchell » Holly Mitchell is a […]

2012-2013 Annual Report

This year’s annual report is unique. We were inspired by the New Yorkerand its feature-length articles, which take a complicated issue […]

Which child matters more: How Halle Berry’s testimony eclipsed SB 61

By AnnaJoy Gillis, Intern The contrast was shocking and the situation all too familiar. On Tuesday, June 25, my colleagues […]

Cruel and far too common: WPI fellows lobby to restrict the use of juvenile solitary confinement

By AnnaJoy Gillis, Intern Imagine sitting in a cell the size of a parking space. You are all alone and […]

Video: Poverty is Toxic to Children’s Brains

We recently produced a short video to share some of the stunning testimony we heard about California’s rising poverty level. […]

Prison Nurseries: Are They Good for Mother and Baby?

Being pregnant is a time that many women feel hope and connection and a commitment to making the world a better place for themselves and their children.

Please Contact Members of Budget Conference Committee Regarding CalWORKs and Childcare

It’s stunning to realize that California, the “golden state”  has the highest rate of poverty in the country. In fact, our […]

Why child care needs to stay under the California Department of Education

Lourdes Alarcón is a parent leader with Parent Voices, an incredible parent-led grassroots organization that works to make quality child […]

Heartwarming interview with People’s Momentum Award Winner, Alexandria House

Our first ever People’s Momentum Award contest ended at noon on March 28. Some minutes later, we announced the winner […]

Alexandria House wins our $10,000 grant!

We are honored to announce the winner of our first ever People’s Momentum Award contest: Congratulations, Alexandria House! To win […]

Declining Employment for Women and Deep Budget Cuts Block Pathways to Economic Recovery for Women–and California

On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, in partnership with the California Budget Project, we released a report that shows that almost four […]

Declining Employment for Women and Deep Budget Cuts Block Pathways to Economic Recovery for Women — and California

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 19, 2013— On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, the Women's Foundation of California, in partnership with the California […]

People’s Momentum Award: Nominate a nonprofit to win our $10,000 grant!

Today we launched our first online contest, the People’s Momentum Award. A qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the most votes […]

A Fair Chance

California’s women and children have not shared equally in the emerging recovery. It’s time to invest in them. Read the report and […]

New Issue of Justice in California Features Susan Burton and Judy Patrick

Earlier this week, the Rosenberg Foundation published their second edition of Justice in California, an online publication that features the […]

#ShowYourLove to Rosa Parks

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to dedicate our newsletter to powerful women whose contributions changed or […]

#ShowYourLove to Sarah Weddington

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to recognize powerful women whose contributions changed or are changing our […]

#ShowYourLove to Latifa Lewis

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, we decided recognize powerful women whose contributions changed or are changing our lives. […]

Why we love the Women’s Foundation

Earlier this year, our wonderful Coro fellow Leila Pree asked us why we love working at the Women’s Foundation of […]

Domestic workers are essential, but undervalued. Let’s change that.

by Leila Roberts, Mujeres Unidas y Activas volunteer It’s 1976. Adèle holds my hand as we cross the busy street. […]

It’s time to close the loopholes

In a televised interview on Sunday, President Obama explained that he’s now looking into eliminating loopholes and deductions—as opposed to […]

Seven Day Rule Makes Cameo Appearance in the “The Good Wife”

By Sheila Kuehl, former California Legislator and author of California’s “Seven Day Rule” If you’d seen Sunday’s (January 17, 2013) episode […]

Leaning in to Leadership Takes Practice

By Fabiola DeCaratachea, Program Officer The recent article by Nick Kristof titled “She’s (Rarely) the Boss” has a lot of […]

Why child care cuts hurt us all

On Wednesday, SF Gate published an article that puts a face behind the poverty numbers in California. This article, titled […]

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